SCARF is an independent, community focused and volunteer-powered non-profit that supports humanitarian refugee entrants to rebuild their lives here in the Illawarra. 

We believe that by warmly welcoming refugee entrants into our community, encouraging community connections and friendship and providing the practical tools for self-empowerment, we can provide the foundations for an independent, fulfilling and thriving life.

SCARF facilitates a range of targeted programs to help refugee entrants navigate the practical and personal challenges of building a new life in Australia. SCARF’s programs have been designed to respond to the specific needs of our community. Often, our community members access multiple programs at once, enabling them to have holistic, or ‘wrap-around’, resettlement support through SCARF.

Our programs include SCARF Befriending, Education and TutoringSocial Inclusion, Driving,Youth, Continuous Learning for Adults, Community Education and Special Projects.

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