Advice for Young Community Members

Advice for Young Community Members

SCARF volunteer and community member, Obouko, was born in Benin, Africa. At 17 she moved to Australia with her family, and was thrust into the NSW School Curriculum with limited English knowledge. Obouko accessed SCARF’s programs to help develop her English and catch-up at school.

And catch-up she did. In fact, Obouko, a determined and capable student, excelled in her studies. Recently, she graduated with a Distinction average in International Studies & Arts in 2016.

Now, Obouko has some advice for younger community members who may be going through a similar journey:

  1. Don’t compare yourself to other people
  2. Don’t let a language barrier determine who you are
    – it’s just in the back of your brain, if you want to do something and you believe in it then you will do it no matter what
  3. If you want to do anything, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise
  4. Put your brain on it and you can actually achieve it

We love this advice from Obouko! Feel free to pass it on to anyone who may need some encouragement.