Become a Champion of Welcome

Here at SCARF, we’re committed to ensuring every refugee entrant in the Illawarra feels welcomed, included, and has the practical and social support they need to rebuild their life from scratch here. For the last 11 years since we founded as a non-profit organisation, with the support of our wonderful community, we’ve been able to meet this goal.

Now, SCARF is facing a crisis. Last year, the Illawarra welcomed an unprecedented number of refugee entrants, and our stretched resources were pulled even tighter. Without ongoing, reliable funding, achieving our aim and meeting the needs our growing community is a challenge.

So we’ve come up with a plan. As an organisation, we’re coming together to do everything we can to ensure that we can survive and thrive – so that people like Nadine can feel welcomed, included and supported to achieve her goals.


But we can’t do this alone. We need the help of passionate refugee supporters, who can use their voice, unique talents and creativity to be a Champion of Welcome for SCARF and for refugees in the Illawarra.

Our Champions will be a voice for SCARF in the community, and help refugees directly by fundraising $250 for SCARF in their own unique way.

For each $250 our Champions raise, they’ll be helping one refugee entrant access our life-changing programs for one year. This means that refugee entrants in our community will have the practical and social support they need to navigate the many challenges of starting a new life in a foreign country.



As a Champion of Welcome, you can raise funds for SCARF in a way that suits you. You could:

  • Host a dinner party or bake sale;
  • Have a trivia or band night with a small entry fee;
  • Ask people to sponsor you to take on a challenge like running 10km;
  • Get sponsored to give up sweets for a month;
  • Or simply reaching out to their networks and inviting people to contribute whatever amount they can.


Champions of Welcome is not only an opportunity to support SCARF and refugee entrants in a critical time, but to pursue that fun activity, event or challenge that you’ve also wanted to take on. So why not get involved yourself or with a bunch of friends? We can’t wait to cheer you on!

Champions of Welcome Key Dates:

You can become a Champion anytime  before 20th June, when fundraising closes.

• 3rd May: Fundraising open – sign up any time before 20th June
• 20th of June (World Refugee Day): Fundraising closed.
•TBA: Celebration time!