Volunteers are SCARF’s most valuable resource; with very few paid staff, we simply could not exist without them. Volunteers make it possible for SCARF to provide support that is flexible, responsive and targeted to the needs of refugee children, youth, adults and older people – for as long as they need it.

By joining the SCARF community as a volunteer, you can help us achieve our mission to:

  • Provide refugee support that builds a sense of belonging;
  • Promote social and economic inclusion;
  • Empower individuals and families to lead independent lives by creating connections and generating opportunity.


What do SCARF volunteers do?

SCARF draws on the skills, commitment and generosity of volunteers to coordinate and deliver all of our front-line programs and activities, as well as provide administration and specialized office support.

Volunteers support SCARF in the following general areas:

  • SCARF Befriending;
  • Education and Tutoring, including the popular Homework Help program;
  • Social Inclusion Activities;
  • Children’s Playgroup;
  • L2P Driver Mentoring;
  • Form Filling Assistance;
  • Adult Continuous Learning Support;
  • Youth Programs;
  • Communications, Media & Marketing;
  • Community Fundraising;
  • Office Administration;
  • Specialised Operational Support.

Get more information about these volunteer roles HERE.




If you would like to be notified when new volunteer opportunities become available, please fill in our Volunteer Expression of Interest Form. We expect to open recruitment again in early May 2017.


Working with Children Check: All SCARF volunteers are required to submit a Working with Children (WCC) Check number as so many of our programs work with children and youth. Applications can take up to 4 weeks to process, so we encourage you to apply for your WWC number now. To apply or to get more information, visit the Office of the Children’s Guardian website. The WWC check is free for volunteers.


Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact volunteer@scarfsupport.org.au.



A SCARF volunteer’s story

I joined the Homework Help program several years ago after a friend, Terry Nutt, told me of a shortage of maths tutors. With a background in surveying, I hoped that I may be able to help out and decided to give it a go.

The experience for me has been rewarding and challenging. Although the focus is on tutoring, the program has a “family” feel about it. The students and tutors enjoy being there.

John and Kardue

John helping Kardue in Homework Help

It is great to work with young people from different cultures and backgrounds and share experiences. It helps broaden one’s own knowledge and appreciation of how lucky we are here in Australia.

The team of tutors is also a great bunch and always supportive if you are stumped with a “curly” question. They are all ages and from all walks of life including students, teachers, engineers, IT specialists – to name a few.

It is nice to see the students develop over time into confident, well-adjusted, educated adults, and to think that the Homework Help program may have had contributed to their success. They have the opportunity to reach their full potential as valuable members of the community.

To anyone thinking that they may be able to contribute to the program – give it a go!

John Coll
Homework Help volunteer