Hard Work Pays Off for HSC Students & SCARF Volunteers

Hard Work Pays Off for HSC Students & SCARF Volunteers

The last year of High-School is the hardest.

Wi Meh and Neema Ushindi, SCARF community members, are currently studying at The Illawarra Grammar School (TIGS) in their last year of high school, close to completing their Higher School Certificate (HSC). The subject Textile & Design is amongst the more challenging subjects that they are studying, requiring completion of a major work.


SCARF Volunteer, Cathy, and Wi-Meh


Endless hours of hard work go in to completing a HSC major work. So, SCARF volunteers Cathy Smith and Georgina Buttel have devoted their own time and expertise to the girls, meeting them once a week from January through to October 2016, helping create the Textile & Design projects.

Cathy and Georgina are SCARF Volunteers, former Textile & Design teachers and HSC markers. They were contacted by a Home-work Help volunteer to initially assist Neema, Wi meh joined later on.

“They have helped us with anything and everything… We couldn’t have done it on our own.” Neema said.

Neema’s work is inspired by her African cultural background and drawings she has done, designing a collection of African styled cushions, submitted in the ‘furnishings’ category to the Board of Studies. Neema’s work features embroidery, ribbon weaving, applique and fabric dying.


Progress shot: Neema’s HSC textile major work.



The embroidery details!


Wi Meh’s work was inspired by the ocean, her Burmese heritage and contemporary Australian fashion. With those elements she chose to create a 2-piece Contemporary Australian/Burmese fusion garment, and will be submitted to the ‘apparel’ category. Wi Meh’s work features bobbin work, couching and basic construction/tailoring.


Wi Meh’s contemporary Burmese-Australian HSC textiles major work


Both Wi meh and Neema have been dedicated and consistent students, and have learnt a “whole variety of techniques” in a short time, Cathy expressed.

The support and knowledge Cathy and Georgina provided helped “tremendously” Neema explained.

Both students have been working not only on these pieces, but the compulsory 12 page portfolio which will accompany the works. We wish Wi Meh and Neema all the best finishing their HSC year, and we’re sure that they’ll be happy with the marks they receive on their beautiful Textile & Design major works.


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