Our 2016 Annual Review is here!

Our 2016 Annual Review is here!

To say that 2016 was a big year for SCARF would be an understatement.

We saw the retirement of SCARF Founder, Sharyn Mackenzie, from operational management, significant developments in SCARF programs, board and operational team, and we welcomed 240 new refugee entrants into the SCARF community.

From our management committee to our volunteers, community members, staff and supporters, our entire community has worked with relentless energy, enthusiasm and dedication throughout the year to achieve our common goals.

As former SCARF community member, now volunteer, Elizabeth, commented after seeing this review:

“When I work alone, I don’t feel I can make a difference, but when I see everyone in this book, I know we are part of something bigger. That is really nice.”

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We hope our Annual Review 2016 will provide you with an insight into the people, programs and future direction of SCARF, as well as an overview of the collective impact of our wonderful community.

In our Annual Review 2016, you’ll find:

  • Reports from our Executive Officer and President of Management Committee
  • Messages from our patrons and ambassadors
  • Voices from our refugee community
  • Voices from our volunteer community
  • Program reports
  • SCARF Strategy & finances

Plus so much more!

Download our 2016 Annual Review HERE

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