Social Enterprises


SCARF Catering

SCARF Catering has been an initiative which aimed to help refugees interested in sharing their traditional cuisine gain the necessary training and skills to develop and maintain their own small business. This project has provided a gateway into the local food industry for participants, through pop-up kitchens, private catering and markets.

Currently SCARF Catering can provide connections with private caterers offering a unique dining experience for your next event or party, specialising in Ethiopian, Burmese, Togolese or Iraqi fare. Contact the SCARF office for details on 02 4224 8646.

SCARF Catering has been funded by the Community Strengthening Grants Program.

Green Connect Illawarra


Green Connect Illawarra (GCI) has been a tremendous success. It commenced as a pilot initiative developed by SCARF in 2009 to provide recycling services for the Illawarra Folk Festival, and employment opportunities for refugees.

Since then, Green Connect has grown, and with Green Connect services diverting up to 96% of waste from landfill.

Green Connect Illawarra is now managed by the Port Kembla Community Project.

Visit for more information about their specialised resource recovery and waste management services.