SCARF Befriending

SCARF Befrienders provide community connections, friendship, support and hospitality to newly arrived families or individuals. The relationships formed between SCARF Befrienders and new refugee families and individuals fosters settlement into the Australian way of life, builds bridges, and helps new community members navigate their way through so many new and often challenging experiences – such as speaking English, going to school, shopping, finding work and getting around. SCARF Befrienders work with the family ‘where they’re at’, and with training from SCARF, can provide just the right assistance and support.

Participants in this program should be available for, at minimum, weekly phone calls and regular visits. Specific activities and time commitment will vary.

Visit our Volunteer page for more details on how to become a SCARF Befriender. 

(NB: All Family Mentors and SCARF volunteers are required to undergo a Working With Children Check)