Getting your Learner’s licence

Before sitting the Learner Test at the RMS office, learners are encouraged to review all the test questions. To prepare for the test:

  • Use the RMS web site to practice the questions.
  • Get a copy of Listen and Learn and attached CD, which has all the questions and answers you need to pass the computer based Driver Knowledge Test. Get your copy from RMS offices or the SCARF Office.
  • Learn about our other resources for new drivers that can help you develop your driving skills and knowledge.

SCARF supports new learners with a discounted package of 5 lessons with a registered driving school.

To join the L2P Driving Program, learners must have their Learner’s Licence (L plates) and have completed 20 hours of formal driving instruction with a registered driving school.


  • Fill in the L2P application form.
  • Bring your Learner’s Licence and your RMS Logbook to prove you have had 20 hours of driving instruction to the SCARF Office on a Wednesday afternoon.
  • When a mentor becomes available, new learner drivers in the L2P program are expected to attend a short Pairing Up workshop with their driving mentor at SCARF office before they commence driving.

There is a wait time, as there are more learners than mentors. The L2P team will call you when there is a mentor available.

  • You will need to pay $20 in advance at the SCARF Office for each driving session.
  • After the Pairing Up workshop, your mentor will pick you up at home or a pre-arranged location and go for a drive. Bring your Learner Licence and Logbook to all driving sessions.

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