SCARF supports young people from refugee backgrounds to thrive in their new community.


Many of the young people we work with struggle to read or write in basic English or have had their educations interrupted. We work with young people we to help them keep up at school and complete their studies to the best of their abilities. Our Homework Help and high quality tutoring provide individualised and targetted assistance.

We aim to guide young refugees through their transition to a new life with targeted programs to build self-esteem and introduce them to different aspects of their new life. SCARF activities have included camps, surf and swimming lessons and picnics.

We also run fun activities in safe, happy environments. Dance classes and choir give young refugees a sense of pride, value and belonging.

Many children arrive in the Illawarra after years in refugee camps, and often struggle to process the trauma which they have seen and been through.

For some, life is very hard. SCARF activities and the support they receive from SCARF volunteers helps to boost self-confidence, reveal their strengths  and encourage them to do their best at school or university.

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Where are they now?

Sadock Nibizi

Sadock’s story

Sadock Nibizi is studying Fitness at TAFE, working as a personal trainer and a model.

He is actively involved in SCARF Youth, delivering an amazing communication workshop at the SCARF Youth camp in February 2014 and leading the 1 STEP hip hop crew.

Sadock attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) camp in January 2014, and has written a few words about his experience.

The experience has changed me as a person and has resulted in me understanding better than ever how to be a good leader.

At RYLA there is a LOT of hugging. You become so close to everyone so quickly that it really is the only final destination of the camp. But, the lectures and openness you experience at RYLA meant that by the last day I was running around to everyone I could see, hugging. Now, I know it may seem a bit strange that we did so much hugging at this leadership camp. However, a fellow RYLArian explained it perfectly when she said “leadership is more than just being a leader, it is about creating strong relationship, understanding and supporting each other and reaching new goals with the support of those around you”. I suppose, leadership is about letting people in. After all, how can others trust you, if you wont trust them? And, that is exactly what each of us has done. And because of it we have created a family filled with people who will drop everything just to go give you a hug on a hard day.

RYLA leadership camp has hands down been the most significant thing I have done in my life. I learnt not only how to be a better leader, but the best version of myself. As a result of RYLA I will never go back to being the person I used to be and I will not waste my life. Instead I will do anything and everything to be the best me, the best leader and achieve my goals. As one of the speakers, Shivani, said, “the average person has only 4,000 weeks on this earth”. We cannot control how long we stay but we can choose how to spend it. And now I know what I want to spend my 4,000 weeks doing, and I don’t want to waste a second of it.

Thank you Rotary and SCARF for giving me the opportunity to attend the camp.