Social Inclusion

The Social Inclusion program engages community members from refugee and non-refugee backgrounds in targeted social, educational and recreational activities to promote inclusion and harmony.

Activities vary, and have in the past included excursions, celebration days, children’s playgroup, picnics, trivia night, conversational language and social evenings for men, women and children of all ages.

In late 2016 we welcomed support from Multicultural NSW enabling us to hire an Arabic-speaking community worker to increase outreach to recently arrived community members from Syria and Iraq. We hope to secure funding in future to hire additional bilingual community workers to improve outreach to other major language groups within the SCARF community.

English Coffee & Conversations

Every week, SCARF hosts an informal group meet-up where people from refugee and non-refugee background can meet, chat and practice English. We provide coffee, tea, and light snacks. This weekly drop-in activity is a prominent part of our social inclusion program all year round. You don’t have to commit to coming weekly, just drop in whenever you’re free.

Arabic Coffee & Conversations

A 6-week program is hosted by community members to share their language and culture with SCARF volunteers. These sessions bring together community members and volunteers of all ages who are keen to exchange Arabic and English phrases. The program includes a variety of fun and engaging sessions including a comparison of English and Arabic alphabets, Arabic coffee-tasting, and learning about Middle Eastern food and culture.

Children’s Playgroup

The playgroup provides social inclusion for carers and toddlers from refugee and non-refugee backgrounds. Activities include reading, storytelling, play and craft activities.


SCARF organises a range of excursions, such as the 2016 day trip to Canberra. A busload of 45 community members and volunteers enjoyed spending the morning at Questacon and afternoon at Parliament House. Children and adults engaged in a wide range of thought provoking activities including studying spiders, making simple machines, and the free fall slide where participants dressed in special suits to experience a six-metre drop on a near vertical slippery dip. Lunch was enjoyed on the banks of Lake Burley Griffin, before heading to Parliament House for a tour through Australian political history.


SCARF organises a range of social events to facilitate community inclusion. Check out our events page to see what we have coming up. In the past events have included: