Refugee Resources

Important safety video

Wollongong LAC – NSW Police Force Safety Precinct Committee has launched a safety video to raise awareness about the potential safety issues which can arise in the community and prevention strategies. It also highlights the important part that police play in working with, and assisting, people within our community, which may differ to the roles of police in other parts of the world. Link: 

Bar SkillsFree short courses at TAFE

TAFE Illawarra offers free short courses to humanitarian visa holders and permanent residents who have left school.

You can learn basic skills for useful work, to help get a job. For example: Bar Skills, Beauty Skills, Hairdressing Skills, and Community Service Skills. The courses run when enough people enrol.

To enrol – go to the TAFE Administration Building ASAP (as soon as possible) or ring 1300 766 123 for more information.

Bringing Up Great Kids

This Bringing Up Great Kids website is a resource for all parents with information that can help you to raise happy and confident children. It has been written to help parents arriving from different cultures and is all about raising children in Australia.

Offering 16 different language translations, there are a number of support resources considering Parenthood – thinking about becoming a parent? Experiences – Understanding children’s experiences; Development – Understanding children’s development; Responding – Responding to children as well as resources on Grandparenting.

Being a parent is the most important job you can do. It can last a lifetime. You don’t have to know everything all the time. In fact, children and parents learn from each other. The more we can understand children, the more we can help them grow and develop. Please click here to visit this site.

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Wollongong City Council Resources

Wollongong City Council has compiled a list of services and programs operating in the Wollongong community. Council works closely with residents, groups and organisations on a range of projects and initiatives that help to build safe, connected, informed and resourceful communities.