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When people arrive in the Illawarra as humanitarian refugees, they come with a lifetime of skills, talent and experience. But many also carry personal histories of trauma and upheaval. While they’re determined to rebuild their lives in Illawarra, they often encounter the many obstacles that come with settling in a new country.

For 10 years, SCARF Refugee Support has worked to bridge this gap, by linking local volunteers with refugee families, and providing crucial support to over 1000 men, women and children in the Illawarra. We want to help each individual achieve their full potential. 

SCARF’s commitment to our community is endless, but unfortunately, our funding is not. We receive no government assistance, and rely entirely on small grants to keep the doors open and the welcome mat out.

This is where you come in. 

As a SCARF Empower supporter, you can pledge $50 a month for the next 12 months and build a sense of belonging and social inclusion for our refugee families. 

Your donation will make it possible for us to keep providing our refugee families with a range of targeted programs run by our network of volunteers,  designed to help them achieve a thriving and independent life. 

SCARF is working towards a sustainable, self-funded future that does not rely on government grants – but building this sustainability will take time, and we need your help now. Without the promise of a regular income for at least 12 months, we would lack the financial stability to provide these critical resources to the families who rely on it. 

If you pledge $50 per month for the next 12 months, we can continue our valuable work.

In return, you’ll receive updates on how your donation has gone towards empowering refugee families to build new lives, a receipt for your tax deductible donation, and our heartfelt gratitude. 

Not everyone can commit $50 a month, but there are still ways you can help. We can’t stress enough that we gratefully appreciate any level of support, whether it be a $25 pledge, or a one-off donation. 

Your donation can and will transform a life, a family, and an entire community.

Become a SCARF Empower supporter today.

Local sponsors:

Mo ChiMo Chi Dining and Caveau 
We welcome the generous support of Mo Chi Dining and Caveau who are our Gold Business partners for SCARF EMPOWER.


Access Law group 
A huge thank you for the generous support from ACCESS who are also a Gold Business partner for SCARF EMPOWER.

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