SCARF Program Snapshot: L2P Driver Mentoring Program

SCARF Program Snapshot: L2P Driver Mentoring Program
SCARF L2P driver mentoring programSince the program’s beginnings in 2009, we have supported over 70 learners to transition from their L-Plates to their P-p
lates.  We also conduct a variety of driving-related education workshops including our recent workshop, “It’s more than colour and price” where our L2P coordinators shared advice and tips with SCARF community members, on the topic of buying a second hand car.

John Ruperto led the ‘metal and rubber’ section of the afternoon using the SCARF L2P car as the demonstration vehicle. Tyres, paint, panels, controls, oil level and more were all on the checklist.

The team also explored the ‘real’ running costs of owning a car.  It was an eye-opener for some to learn that the type of car (eg Toyota or Saab), style, number of seats and engine size all make a difference to running costs, so it is worth considering these details when buying a car.

Other topics covered in the workshop included insurance options (which promoted gasps as the ‘excess’ charges for new drivers was explad!); where to buy car; and how to finance the costs, along with service suggestions.ine

“It’s a bit complicated,” remarked SCARF community member, Michael, “but I have a bit of an idea of how much I need to get wheels and run the car for a year.”

Ted, Carol and John (the L2P coordination team)