Sediqah’s Poems

Sediqah’s Poems

Arrival to a safe place from a refugee’s view:

We arrived on a sunny day,
With our head free of life,
With our shoes full of dust,
In our heart, deepest wounds,
In our mind, memories of death!

Hope was, just a word in our dictionary,
Happiness was, such a big dream,
Peace, joy, laugh and love,
Had no place in our world,
Even breathing was, a disaster!

I call it miracle!

Our story of survival!

A window toward the world:

Little girl is crying,
“mum, mum…”,
.. bomb left her dead!

Pulling his dad out of collapses,
A 10yr old, boy’s school leader!

“I hate every police man”
said yesterday,
6-year-old Saja.
“They shotted my teacher”!

Wafa is looking for water,
“kids had nothing, since 3 days ago”!

Riza returns home,
No money, today too!
Her sister is sick,
The doctor said is TB.

Terrorists hanged his family,
He is only 8,
And forced to stay alone!
Stay alive!

Where is humanity,
Where is friendship,
Where is compassion and empathy today?

A tremendous blow out,
took them all away,
otherwise life,
wan’t just one’s life!


Ask me a name!
A new brand to infinite love,
To friendship without border,
To support with no end,
And to the best ever family!

No doubt, I would say SCARF!
Not only me,
We all say SCARF!

A place for beautiful hearts!

Poems written and submitted by Sediqah – SCARF volunteer and community member