The Race to Citizenship – A Story from the SCARF Community

The Race to Citizenship – A Story from the SCARF Community

We love hearing stories from our community. Here’s a lovely one, contributed by one of our longest volunteers, Jocelyn, who supports SCARF Community Members through Citizenship test tutoring, Befriending, Computer classes and more.

“After passing their Citizenship Test, Pare Mo and Shay Reh waited 18 months to receive the letters approving their Australian Citizenship. Then they waited another 6 months to receive the letters with the date of their Citizenship Ceremony – Tuesday 19 September. Pare Mo’s new baby was due on Sunday 17 September.

Who would become Australian Citizens first? New baby or the family? Would Pare Mo be able to attend her Citizenship Ceremony?

Good news – baby daughter, Sofie, was very obliging and arrived in the early hours of Monday 18 September and Pare Mo was able to attend the Citizenship Ceremony the next day. What a Super Mum.

Congratulations to Pare Mo, Shay Reh, Caroline Nae and Soe Reh on becoming Aussies! Younger daughter, Christine was the first Aussie in the family as she was born here almost 2 years ago and her new sister, Sofie, was the 2nd one in the family to be born an Aussie. Grandmother, Plae Meh from Melbourne, was able to celebrate with the family.

SCARF welcomes you all.”

– Jocelyn