SCARF Youth Consultation

SCARF Youth Consultation

Thanks to a generous grant from IMB Community Foundation, SCARF will be establishing a host of social and recreational programs supporting SCARF Youth – community members from refugee background, between the ages of 16 and 24.

But before we went ahead to design these specific programs, we needed to consult the people who we’re aiming to assist. An important step to ensure SCARF can provide the best, most relevant, young-people-friendly programs.

The Consultation/Hangout: 

SCARF invited young people along to an informal social gathering in the Sifters space (cheers, Sifters!).  SCARF Youth facilitators Maaike, Obouko and Ryan organised for a range of activities including music, dance and drama to be demonstrated. For this, they engaged a group of wonderful creative specialists who kindly offered to share their talents– and weekly workshops – in these areas.

The meeting started with food and refreshments on arrival and an introduction to the evening. This was followed by four interactive activity workshops including classical guitar and doubek drums, dance and theatre improvisation. The demonstrations were led by local specialists who gave their time for free for the evening. The aim of the showcased activities was to provide examples of the type of activities SCARF can run for its youth programme over the coming months.

After these performances, some delicious nibbles, much chit-chat and mingling, SCARF youth facilitators set out to gauge interest in the suggested activities, and record new ideas.

The attendees moved into round the table discussion in small groups to talk about ideas for future sessions within the SCARF youth programme. Individual sheets were handed out for the attendees to feedback their ideas and what they would like from a SCARF youth programme.

Feedback from SCARF Youth: 

Exercise/fitness, Classical guitar/Doubek drums, Dance, Yoga, Social Hangouts, Storytelling/percussion and Theatre/drama were all popular with SCARF Youth. There were also some new ideas suggested, including volleyball, table tennis and swimming.

Some of the families who attended suggested that  SCARF host a ‘family night’ once a week at the Sifters space. A great idea!

The night was an engaging and fun event which served an important purpose – to consult with SCARF Youth. SCARF looks forward to analysing the feedback gained, and developing programs which support and enhance the lives of young people from refugee background in the Illawarra community. A huge thank-you to all involved!


SCARF Youth wrote down their ideas and preferences.


Playing theatre games!


SCARF Youth Facilitators, Maaike and Ryan, leading the round table discussion.



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